Neck Lift

Neck Lift in South Florida

Most of us are familiar with the loose, sagging skin beneath the chin that is commonly referred to as a “turkey neck.” The term is not flattering, and neither is the appearance of this unsightly development of the aging face. Fortunately, surgical neck lift in South Florida can restore the neck to its firmer, more elegant and youthful appearance.

Dr. Robert Cooper performs neck lift at his office based surgery center for patients who wish to correct signs of aging in the neck. These can include loose, sagging skin, as well as protruding muscles that give the neck a corded, strained appearance.

During neck lift surgery, Dr. Cooper tightens the neck skin as well as the underlying muscles of the neck. He may also perform liposuction of the neck to eliminate fat that has accumulated in this area. The result is a neck that appears firmer and more youthful, and defined, creating a natural looking jaw line. Back to Top

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