MIM – Minimally Invasive Malar Lift

MIM Face lift in South Florida

A traditional South Florida face lift makes sense for patients who would like to correct obviously wrinkled, sagging tissues throughout their face and neck, but for younger patients who just want to revise a few specific areas this extensive approach may not be necessary. Due to factors like facial structure, genetics, and past sun damage, patients in their 30s and 40s will often develop early signs of facial aging. Dr. Cooper can effectively reverse these facial characteristics using a Minimally-Invasive Malar (MIM) face lift at his South Florida office based surgical suite.

Dr. Cooper’s MIM Face Lift corrects these characteristics using special minimally invasive techniques that yield effective results without the cost and downtime of a full-scale surgical procedure. In this approach, Dr. Cooper carefully repositions the soft tissue layers of the face in order to restore a youthful, more athletic look.

For specific details about Dr. Cooper’s MIM Face Lift in South Florida, or to learn more about Cooper Plastic Surgery, contact his office at (561) 741-9000 or request a complimentary consultation with him. Dr. Cooper and his highly trained staff will be pleased to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Is This Procedure Right for Me?

The Minimally-Invasive Malar Face Lift is most effective for South Florida patients who have elastic skin and good tissue health but who would like to:

  • Improve moderately deep nasolabial folds (creases running from the nose to the mouth)
  • Reshape cheeks that have started to look hollow
  • Create a more defined jaw line and correct the appearance of mild “jowls”
  • Restore a firmer, more rounded look to the upper cheeks

If your muscular sagging is the main cause of your tired or tense appearance, a traditional face lift might be more appropriate. In many cases patients will choose to combine their MIM lift with BOTOX® Cosmetic in South Florida or an additional cosmetic surgery procedure such as facial liposuction to restore definition to the neck and jaw line.

Your MIM Face Lift Procedure

Dr. Cooper has years of experience helping face lift patients meet a very wide range of goals through a number of different surgical facial enhancements, so he has the skill and highly developed professional instinct to create significant improvement even in finely focused, minimally-invasive procedures such as this one.

MIM Face Lift by South Florida plastic surgeon Dr. Cooper requires a small incision at the inside edge of the ear to elevate the malar (cheek) fat pad to give the cheeks the face a natural, firm, youthful look. Dr. Cooper is able to reposition this fat pad gently and precisely so that it rests in a higher position and pulls smooth the loose tissues around the mouth, and nose.

Dr. Cooper frequently performs this procedure for male as well as female patients, so he can adjust his approach to highlight the firmer facial contour and more angular bone structure that men tend to want to emphasize.

MIM Face Lift Recovery

The first stages of face lift recovery are very important because of the delicate nature of the procedure, but also because excessive stress too early after your surgery can limit the effectiveness of your results and lead to avoidable complications. Although the procedure is minimally invasive and is relatively quick, many of Dr. Cooper’s South Florida cosmetic surgery patients may choose to stay in the Pavilion Resort during the first day after their procedure. The Pavilion Resort offers you greater peace of mind through luxurious accommodations and an attentive staff.

MIM facelift patients typically recover very quickly, and most are comfortable returning to moderate activities within the first week. The MIM Facelift will create some swelling and tenderness as the body adjusts to the tissues’ new position. Dr. Cooper offers pain medication for the first few days, although most patients transition to over-the-counter medication within the first week. Most patients feel fully recovered within about two weeks. Back to Top

Dr. Cooper and his friendly, knowledgeable staff are happy to help you understand your options and answer any questions you may have. Find out more about face lifts in South Florida at Cooper Plastic Surgery by calling (561) 741-9000 or request a complimentary consultation online.