Male Breast Reduction

Male Breast Reduction in South Florida

A masculine, well-shaped chest takes work to achieve, but sometimes even if you exercise regularly and maintain a careful diet, nothing seems to be enough to create the firm-looking chest you want. Gynecomastia or male “breast” development has a variety of causes, and plastic surgery offers South Florida men a lasting, natural-looking solution to this problem.

Today, about 1 in 18 men suffers from gynecomastia, though the problem has existed throughout time – Egyptian scholars believe that the father of King Tutankhamen suffered from a rare form of hereditary gynecomastia. Today many men experience this frustrating characteristic because of factors ranging from medications to hereditary traits and significant weight loss. Dr. Cooper is highly skilled in a variety of approaches and will be happy to help you decide on the best approach for your body and needs.

Dr. Cooper has spent years refining his techniques for male chest and body contouring procedures. Get accurate answers to your questions and find out whether this procedure is right for you when you request a complimentary consultation or contact Cooper Plastic Surgery.

Is This Procedure Right for Me?

Gynecomastia has many causes, but most of Dr. Cooper’s male breast reduction patients in South Florida have very similar goals for their appearance:

  • Reduce excessive breast fat and glandular tissue from the pectoral area
  • Create greater comfort and confidence
  • Improve the position and appearance of the nipple area
  • Increase the appearance of physical fitness

In cases where the gynecomastia is due to past weight problems, many patients will choose to combine this treatment with another post-weight loss body contouring procedure such as additional liposuction or a South Florida tummy tuck to improve the appearance of their lower abdomen.

Your Male Breast Reduction Procedure

Dr. Cooper’s male breast reduction procedures utilize advanced liposuction and Smartlipo® laser-assisted liposuction techniques to sculpt and smooth your pectoral area and create a more masculine shape. Additionally, infrared laser technologies now allow for fat reduction and even modest skin tightening without surgery. Before your procedure Dr. Cooper will examine your medical history and your tissue quality to ensure that you are a good candidate for your procedure. After discussing your options, you and Dr. Cooper will settle on a surgical plan that fits your body type and goals.

The most popular approach to South Florida liposuction utilizes Smartlipo laser-assisted liposuction technology to help minimize post-surgical discomfort and speed the recovery process. To begin your procedure, Dr. Cooper will inject the treatment area with a sterile solution of saltwater and, local anesthetic, and a vaso constrictor to numb the tissues reduce bleeding. Then, using Smartlipo laser-assisted liposuction, he will melt the excess fat for easy removal through the liposuction cannula and use the laser to tighten your skin.

Dr. Cooper wants his patients to make wise, medically sound decisions, so before your procedure he will take the time to explain the treatment process and help you understand how to plan for a comfortable recovery.

Male Breast Reduction Recovery

Male breast reduction plastic surgery at our South Florida offices is generally performed under IV sedation. Dr. Cooper utilizes state-of-the-art techniques that help ensure you recover from your procedure quickly and comfortably.

Swelling is common for the first few days after surgery. Prescription pain medication is available, though for less extensive male breast enhancement, most South Florida patients find that they are comfortable with over-the-counter medication. Patients are back to moderate activities within a few days, though the treatment area will continue to be sensitive as it heals, and you should avoid strenuous activities for a few weeks. Back to Top

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