Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Breast Lift in South Florida

Every woman wants shapely breasts, but over time, gravity takes its toll on your appearance and you may lose your naturally attractive look. Weight fluctuations, pregnancy, or other factors can all contribute to a flat and droopy breast shape that may make you feel self-conscious and appear matronly.

For many women, South Florida breast lift procedures provide an opportunity to reverse some of the problematic effects of pregnancy or rapid weight loss, and for many others this procedure simply offers a chance to enjoy a higher level of comfort and confidence with your body and feel more like yourself in any situation.

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Is This Procedure Right for Me?

Breast lift is popular with South Florida women of a variety of ages and body types. Many of Dr. Cooper’s patients choose this procedure in order to:

  • Lift and reshape breasts that sag or point downward
  • Restore a rounder, fuller look to breasts have dropped over time
  • Optimize the effects of a breast augmentation
  • Balance out the look of breasts that may have sagged and lost much of the upper hemisphere, especially after pregnancy

In many cases a breast lift alone is enough to correct the shape of the breasts, but depending on your current breast volume Dr. Cooper may recommend that you combine your lift procedure with a South Florida breast augmentation procedure. During your consultation Dr. Cooper will be pleased to help you decide which approach would best accomplish your goals.

Breast Enhancement in South Florida – Breast Lift

Dr. Cooper has more than 20 years of experience achieving smooth and shapely results for patients with a wide range of body shapes and skin types. Dr. Cooper recognizes that sagging breasts may result from a number of causes. He can choose from a number of procedures to lift your breasts to find the technique most appropriate for you.

A South Florida breast lift elevates and supports the breasts in a more attractive position by removing loose excess skin so that the breast’s own tissues lift and hold it in a more appealing contour. For milder breast sagging Dr. Cooper can use an incision around the areola only, but for more severe sagging or a combined lift / reduction procedure he may recommend a longer incision that will allow him to remove excess tissue below the breast as well. If you desire a breast lift and an increase in breast size, a breast implant can be placed under the muscle before the breast incisions are closed.

Dr. Cooper understands that the position and appearance of your nipples is very important to your breasts’ appearance, so if necessary he can adjust the position of the nipple and areola to ensure aesthetically appealing results.

Important note: many patients are under the misconception that the nipple and areola are removed from the breast and then replaced in a new position during this procedure. This is absolutely not the case. The nipple-areola complex always remains attached to the underlying breast tissue and is never removed in any procedure performed by Dr. Cooper

Breast Lift Recovery

Breast lift is typically performed under general anesthesia, though for less extensive procedures Dr. Cooper may offer alternatives to full sedation. While some patients choose to stay at the Pavilion Resort, the enjoy returning home on the day of surgery with an extensive list of instructions and 24/7 access to Dr. Cooper or one of his nurses by phone.

During the first few days after your procedure you can expect to experience some swelling and bruising around the incision site. You may also experience a certain amount of muscle soreness, particularly if you combined your lift with a breast augmentation procedure, in which case a pain pump is of great assistance in alleviating the pain. South Florida breast lift patients typically are able to return to moderate activities within a few days, and more strenuous activities within three weeks.

Because a breast lift requires incisions, some scarring is inevitable. However, Dr. Cooper uses very precise techniques that significantly minimize the risk of scars, and most patients find that their scars fade to become hardly noticeable within 12 to 18 months. Back to Top

Dr. Cooper and his staff will be happy to address your questions and provide details about your procedure options when you request a complimentary consultation online. Or you can call Cooper Plastic Surgery  at (561) 741-9000 to schedule your appointment.