Breast Enhancement

Breast Enhancement in South Florida

Today, people define beauty in many of the same ways as we have for centuries: a natural balance and proportion are still essential for a pleasing, confident body form. For a woman, the shape of her breasts is often very important to the harmony of her overall figure, and cosmetic breast enhancement surgery can restore balance for women who are not happy with their breast appearance.

Dr. Cooper has years of experience combined with an understanding of cutting-edge technology to provide you with excellent results in breast enhancement, including South Florida breast reduction, breast augmentation and mastopexy (breast lift) procedures.

Breast Augmentation

Dr. Cooper’s popular breast augmentation procedures in South Florida help a wide range of patients achieve a fuller, naturally more proportionate look using saline or silicone-gel breast implants. Dr. Cooper will carefully select the appropriate implant, placement, and incision site to suit your body and preferences. Selection of implants is greatly enhanced with-third generation VECTRA® III 3-D imaging to simulate by brand, saline or silicone gel implants of varying sizes, textures, and shapes to show you how your breasts would appear after surgery. As with all his procedures Dr. Cooper regards breast augmentation as an art requiring a delicate approach. He prefers saline implants placed under the muscle and offers the option of pain pumps, which can greatly alleviate pain for more than 3 days, yet are friendly enough for showering and driving.

Breast Lift

This breast enhancement procedure helps South Florida plastic surgery patients lift and recontour sagging breasts to create a more youthful and shapely look. Dr. Cooper offers different breast lift surgical approaches depending on the degree of lift you would like to achieve. For women whose breasts have also lost volume, he can combine breast lift and augmentation to provide a fuller, more attractive shape.

Breast Reduction

Very large breasts can be a physical and emotional burden, so Dr. Cooper offers a range of breast reduction procedures to refine the breast shape, restore a more balanced look, and help alleviate much of the discomfort associated with overly large breasts. He can also correct significantly sagging breasts through a combination of lift and reduction.

Male Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia, or enlarged, sagging breasts, affects at least 1 in 20 men and may result from heredity, weight problems, hormone therapy, medications or a number of other factors. Dr. Cooper’s male breast reduction procedures utilize advanced Smartlipo™ laser-assisted liposuction techniques to sculpt and smooth your pectoral area and create a more masculine shape while tightening skin.

Your height, body type, skin quality, nipple position, and amount of existing breast tissue all help determine which approach will yield the best results. During your consultation Dr. Cooper will evaluate your unique shape and discuss your personal goals before you decide together on an option that will meet your needs. Back to Top

To learn more about breast enhancement in South Florida, request a complimentary consultation with Dr. Cooper or call (772) 286-9000 to schedule an appointment. Along with his highly trained staff, Dr. Cooper looks forward to answering your questions and providing more details about your procedure options.