After Weight Loss

Body Contouring for Florida Weight Loss Patients

Thanks in large part to medically supervised weight loss programs and bariatric surgery, thousands of formerly obese men and women are changing their bodies and their lives for the better through massive weight loss. The result is a leaner, stronger, healthier body that you can be proud of. Unfortunately, the excess skin and residual fat often left after significant weight loss can detract from your hard-earned results, making it difficult to fully enjoy your new body. Dr. Robert Cooper can help you achieve the shape you deserve through body contouring at Cooper Plastic Surgery.

Body contouring procedures for weight loss patients are designed to help eliminate the loose, sagging skin that does not shrink to fit your new, smaller shape. At Cooper Plastic Surgery, Dr. Cooper specializes in helping you put the finishing touches on your physique with procedures such as tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty), arm lifts (Brachioplasty), buttock lifts, and thigh lifts.

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Body Contouring Procedures

The excess, hanging skin that is left after massive weight loss does not go away on its own, nor will diet, exercise, or topical treatments get rid of it. Plastic surgery to trim and tighten the skin can be performed by a body contouring specialist such as Dr. Robert Cooper. Sometimes, combination procedures must be performed in order to achieve the best results. In many cases, liposuction in South Florida is done in conjunction with these “lift” surgeries in order to remove stubborn fat deposits and create a smoother, more attractive contour. Below are a few of the more popular body contouring options that Dr. Cooper performs for post-weight loss patients:

  • Arm Lift, or brachioplasty, addresses the excess skin and fat that may hang from the upper arms after significant weight loss. Many patients find this condition to be embarrassing, unattractive, and uncomfortable. The arm lift procedure trims away the redundant skin and repositions existing tissue for a more toned, firmer appearance.
  • Buttock Lift removes excess skin from the buttocks and outer thighs, and raises the contour of the buttocks to a more pleasing position. This procedure can create dramatic results, particularly for women, who tend to store excess fat in the hips and buttocks. Buttock lift is often performed in conjunction with thigh lift surgery.
  • Thigh Lift is a body contouring procedure which addresses the excess, loose skin left over when a great deal of weight is lost from the upper legs. Sagging skin in the thigh area looks unappealing and it can cause chafing and irritation that is very uncomfortable. By removing this skin and repositioning the remaining tissue, Dr. Cooper can make the thighs look slimmer and more toned. Oftentimes, liposuction is performed in conjunction with a thigh lift to remove residual fatty deposits and create a more pleasing contour. Back to Top

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