Resort Amenities

Resort Amenities

The Pavilion’s Dining Room is a special place for our guests to gather. We are proud to say that many friendships have developed between guests over the course of our healthy, fresh meals.

The Pavilion Resort’s chef is dedicated to preparing healthful meals for our guests. We believe that fresh, delicious food is an integral part of a relaxing getaway. The Pavilion’s chef is also able to meet the special dietary health needs of our guests.

Wonderful aromas permeate the Pavilion Resort as our chef prepares fresh gourmet meals for guests daily. Homemade soups, fresh salads, delectable main courses and tasty treats are all easy on a recovering patient’s palate and are always an unforgettable part of their stay at the Pavilion. Our chef is always happy to meet a patient’s special dietary needs.

Guest Services

Housekeeping is provided seven days a week; ground transportation is available to and from the Palm Beach International Airport.  Please call the office and we can provide you with the information you will need to arrange a car service.

To book your stay in our luxurious accommodations, call the office at (772) 286-9000 or contact us online. Along with his highly trained staff, Dr. Cooper looks forward to helping you achieve your cosmetic goals in a comfortable and caring setting. Back to Top