Aesthetic Laser Services

Aesthetic Laser Services Stuart Florida

The number of aesthetic treatments using laser or light energy has increased immensely in recent years, and the skin care professionals at Cooper Plastic Surgery have carefully reviewed the available technologies so that they can offer patients only those that produce worthwhile results. Whether you are looking to smooth and tighten your skin or remove unwanted hair, these laser and light treatments can produce high-quality outcomes in the hands of our skilled professionals.

Skin Rejuvenation

A full selection of skin rejuvenation procedures is available at Cooper Plastic Surgery. In addition to today’s latest Fractional and Pro Fractional laser skin treatments, we also offer Borad Band Light (BBL) photo rejuvenation, skin tightening, and Micro Laser Peel, as well as our own gentle Nile Nano Laser Peel. All of these skin enhancements use advanced technology to create smoother and more youthful skin without significant downtime or discomfort. Treatments are ideal for women and men who are noticing a rough or “splotchy” skin tone, as well as those whose skin has seen a little too much time out in the sun.

At your consultation, your skin health and appearance concerns will be carefully reviewed and only those treatments best suited for your skin needs will be recommended. In many cases, a series of treatments over a period of weeks or months is required to achieve a remarkably more youthful and healthy skin complexion.

Treatment Options


Laser Peels and Fractional and Pro Fractional Laser Skin Treatments

We are pleased with our newest FDA-approved technology, Sciton’s Micro Laser Peel™ and our own Nile Nano Laser Peel, as well as Fractional and Pro Fractional Laser treatments and what we can achieve for our patients. This new technology allows us for the first time to safely use the skin-tightening and surface improvements of lasers on areas once considered “off-limits.” The neck, upper arms, legs, and chest, as well as almost any area on the face or upper body can now benefit from this laser technology.

Broad Band Light

The previous standard in the field of photo rejuvenation was IPL (a pulsed-light device). Now, however, Broad Band Light (BBL) treatment has replaced IPL as the “gold standard” for photo rejuvenation. Age spots, pigmented aging skin, freckles, and small, noticeable blood vessels as well as rosacea can be successfully addressed with BBL. While in your street clothing, the gentle treatment is carried out, and you’re on your way.

SkinTyte™ Infra-Red Laser

Infra-red treatments are now capable of tightening areas of skin that were somewhat refractory in the past. A cooling crystal eliminates discomfort as the laser hand piece is passed over the area to be treated. Several reasonably priced treatments may be required to achieve the desired results. However, areas such as the arms, chest, legs, neck, and more can be treated.

Our laser treatments are easily combined with other medical spa services, including Aesthetic Services and BOTOX® Cosmetic. To learn more about our aesthetic laser services, click here to request a complimentary consultation online. Or you can call the Cooper Plastic Surgery at (772) 741-9000 to schedule your appointment.