Dr. Cooper

Dr. Cooper-Certified South Florida Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Robert Cooper is a board-certified South Florida plastic surgeon.  He combines his love of art and medicine through premier cosmetic surgery procedures of the entire body for patients from South Florida and all over the United States.

“I love this work,” Dr. Cooper says. “Cosmetic surgery, to me, involves the same high levels of artistry and precision as the work of a sculptor or classical musician. I see it as a calling which has become a great source of joy to me, because it allows me to help my patients transform their bodies and lives in ways far beyond what they thought possible.”

Experience & Training

South Florida plastic surgeon Dr. Cooper has trained extensively in both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, at schools in New York, Montreal, and Europe. He received his undergraduate degree in psychology from Montreal’s McGill University before earning his Master’s in psychology from Dailhosie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. As a practicing psychologist, Dr. Cooper honed his skills at understanding and connecting with patients before moving to Belgium to pursue his passion for medicine further at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, where he earned his medical doctor’s degree.

Returning to the U.S., Dr. Cooper completed training in both general surgery and plastic surgery at Nassau County Medical Center in New York, where his surgical insight and skill earned him the position of Chief Resident. Even before he established his full-service treatment center and acclaimed Pavilion Resort, Dr. Cooper gained recognition from both his cosmetic surgery patients in South Florida and his fellow plastic surgeons for his surgical results, high standards for patient education, and compassionate, state-of-the-art surgical care.

A Patient-Centered Approach

While Dr. Cooper’s extensive training has helped him hone his surgical skills and judgment, his education and experience as a psychologist have enabled him to retain the kind of listening skills and personal insight that allow him to understand his patients’ goals. His unique concept offers an extensive menu of procedures to help a very wide range of patients achieve their cosmetic surgery goals, yet Dr. Cooper still takes the time to approach each patient and each procedure with the respect and individual understanding that they deserve. His philosophy is that “the most important patient in my practice is the one in front of me.”

In his free time, Dr. Cooper enjoys cultivating his taste for literature and expanding his knowledge of art and design. He has contributed his considerable talent and skill to projects such as his architectural design submitted to the 9/11 memorial design competition in 2003. Back to Top

Learn more about Dr. Cooper when you request a complimentary consultation or call (772) 286-9000 to schedule an appointment. Dr. Cooper and his thoroughly trained staff look forward to answering your questions and providing more details about your procedure options.